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Dog Basic Training

Dog Basic Training Services

Premium Dog Basic Training Services in Delhi

At dog K9 training, we provide basic training vital for a dog. Basic dog training is essential for providing a good friendship between you and your dog companion. By providing support and guidance, we gradually teach the dog to understand and respond to the commands. Teaching the dog to respond to their name is the first step in communication. Using reinforcement, we make the dog to recognize its name .We will teach them to act on various commands.

Basic Dog Training Commands

  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Heel
  • Fetch
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Down

Consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are vital key throughout the training process. We are passionate in teaching dogs. We will teach dogs with patience, empathy and love and we ensure dog’s safety at the time of training sessions.


Positive reinforcement methods, such as treats, praise, and toys, are commonly used in basic training.

The duration of basic training can vary depending on factors such as your dog's age, breed, and previous experiences. Generally, basic training programs can 30 to 40 minutes on alternate days in a week.

Yes, every dog is unique and dogs of any age can learn basic commands with patience and consistency. While younger dogs may pick up commands more quickly, older dogs can still benefit from basic training to improve their behavior but could take more time.

Basic training enhances socialization, improves communication between you and your dog, promotes good behavior and develops a strong bond based on trust and respect.