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About Us

About Us

At Dog K9 Training, we are a skilled trainer, providing dog training services in Delhi & Gurgaon. We provide a wide range of dog training services using positive reinforcement techniques. Our training vision fosters relationships between dogs and their owners. We have a team of professional dog trainers who have expertise and are loyal to their jobs. They can handle dog of any size and breed.

I Lakendra Sharma, have years of experience in dog training. In my career, I have closely watched how dogs act. I understand well the training needed for obe­dient dogs. We will ensure the dog's safety and take care of the dog. Consistency is key in any training approach. With time and care, you can show your trust on me to train your dog.

Why Hire Us for Dog Training, Boarding, Walking & Transportation?

  • Have 10+ work experience in training a dog
  • Can train a dog of any size and breed
  • Enable to provide the best dog boarding services in Delhi
  • Provide adequate support for dog transportation
  • Offer dog training, boarding, walking, and transportation services at affordable prices
  • No hidden charges
  • Maintain good track records with hundreds of happy clients
  • Have worked for the same clients for years