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Dog Behaviour Training Service

Premium Dog Behaviour Training Services in Delhi & Gurgaon

At Dog K9 Training, our trainer provides various methods, including positive reinforcement and consistency techniques. Our Trainers help the dog become comfortable and well-behaved in their place. They encourage desired behaviors rather than punishing unwanted behaviors. This creates a stronger bond between the dog and its owner. Our trainers solve behavioral problems such as aggression, fearfulness, and excessive barking they work on environmental socialization.

The most commonly used dog behavior commands are:

  • Sit: The dog is asked to lower its hindquarters to the ground while keeping its front legs standing.
  • Stay: The dog is asked to stand in a certain position without moving until asked by the owner.
  • Come: This command is used to call the dog towards the owner.
  • Down: The dog is directed to lie down on its stomach with its legs enlarged
  • Heel: The dog is taught to walk close to the owner's side.
  • Leave it: The dog is instructed to ignore interacting with an object, person, or other animal.
  • Drop it: The dog is asked to leave an object in its mouth.
  • Watch me: The dog is told to make eye contact with the owner or handler.
  • Off: The dog is told to remove itself from a person or furniture.
  • Quiet: The dog is asked to stop barking or making noise.
  • Go to bed/crate: The dog is directed to go to a resting area, such as a bed
  • Stand: The dog is asked to stand on all four legs.
  • Touch: The dog is trained to touch its nose to a specific object.
  • Back up: The dog is encouraged to move away from the handler.

Why Chose Us For Dog Behaviour Training Service

Training at Your Place

We can arrange training at your place. Whether you live in South Delhi, West Delhi or Gurgaon, we can reach and provide a private training to your dog.

No Hidden Charges

Our dog training services are affordable. You will get training at special rates, There are no hidden charges.


Behavior training is important for dogs because it helps them become well-behaved, obedient, and well-adjusted companions. It also strengthens the bond between the dog and its owner dog's quality of life.

The time it takes to train a dog's behavior depends on various factors, including the dog's age, temperament and breed.

Yes, behavior training can be beneficial for dogs of all ages, including older dogs. While it may take longer for older dogs to train.