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Dog Pee Poop Toilet Training Services

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At Dog K9 Training, our dog trainers use an organized approach to train dogs for pee and poop toilet training at the desired place, which is decided by the dog owner, mostly an open area in the outdoors.

We usually begin a daily routine for bathroom, after meals, playtime, and after waking up the morning or naps. Trainers designate a specific area outdoors where they want the dog to defecate, often using verbal commands such as "go potty" or "pee pee" to signal the desired behavior. When the dog successfully eliminates in the selected area, trainers offer immediate praise and rewards.

Dog trainer praise and rewards after successfully completing the task of dog toileting. Our rewards are -

  • Treat
  • verbal praise
  • dog trainer play with his favourite toys

Regularity is the main key in toilet training, so dog trainers ensure that the dog has frequent opportunities to go outside and that they are closely monitored during this time. If accidents happen indoors, trainers do not scold the dog but instead clean up the mess thoroughly without showing anger or frustration. Trainers may also use crate training when they cannot directly supervise the dog to prevent accidents indoors.

Dog Pee Poop Toilet FAQs

Toilet training duration can vary depending on many factors like the dog's age, breed, and previous training experiences. Typically, consistent training can lead to significant progress within a few weeks to a few months.

It's ideal to start toilet training as early as possible, ideally when the dog is a puppy. However, older dogs can also be trained successfully with patience and consistency.