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How to Transport Your Dog from India to Europe

Are you shifting abroad? Do you want to shift with your pet? Yes, you can. These days, pet transportation services are actively transporting pets from one location to another location. You can shift with your pet from one city to another and one country to another. In your shifting, you can contact a pet transportation service provider in India. Such a company specialises in relocating pets. They are aware of norms and conditions of transportation. During your shifting, you can focus on your shift while your dog transportation service provider will carry the responsibility of transporting your pet on your behalf.

Here are the steps that a professional pet transporter will follow.

Vaccination & Health Examination

It is the primary step. Your pet must be healthy enough to travel. It must not be suffering from any contagious diseases that can spread. On your behalf, the pet transportation service provider takes your dog for health examination.

At the same time, some vaccinations are necessary to inject the dog. Without vaccination, your dog will be ineligible for transportation. It is another very important step. Ensure your dog is vaccinated properly, especially rabies. Most European countries give entry to dogs who are vaccinated with rabies.


It is a process that a veterinarian performs. Here a microchip with a specific code is inserted to the body of the dog. The microchip is complied with the ISO standards.

Getting Entry Permit and Documentation

The dog transport service provider ensures your dog meets all entry requirements . They apply for an import permit or provide specific documentation, including the health certificate and proof of microchipping to collect the entry permit.


It may be a necessary step. Some European countries may require that your dog has passed the quarantine test. It is essential when your dog doesn't meet all the import conditions.

Travel Container or Crate:

It is an IATA-approved travel crate or carrier for the comfort, security, and proper ventilation for your dog. The dog transporter selects the right size of crate for your dog that lets it stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

Booking of the Cargo Service

Pets often travel separately. They cannot fly by a passenger flight. A cargo service is arranged for them. Your pet transportation service provider will book the cargo service. It will pick and drop your dog to the cargo service provider.

Monitoring and Reuniting:

The service doesn't end after dropping the pet to the cargo. Your dog service provider keeps track of your dog during travel to till reunite. It ensures your pet can cross the post-arrival compliance.